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Please be aware that you are now only required to report the following information:

  • Changes in family income or family size that would cause the family to exceed income eligibility for child care services
  • Permanent changes in work or attendance at a job training or educational program
  • Any change in family residence, primary phone number, or e-mail (if available).

Income eligibility for child care services:

On the chart below, find your household size and then your pay frequency. If your gross pay exceeds what is shown on the chart, you must immediately report the change to your Child Care Services office so a review of your case can be completed.
Family Size Weekly Bi-Weekly Bi-Montly Monthly
2 $833 $1667 $1804 $3607
3 $1029 $2059 $2228 $4456
4 $1225 $2452 $2653 $5305
5 $1421 $2843 $3077 $6154
6 $1617 $3235 $3502 $7003

Permanent change in work, job training or education:

Examples of Permanent changes in work, job training, or education that need to be reported:

  • Voluntary or involuntary termination of employment
  • Withdrawing from a job training or educational program

Examples of Temporary changes in work, job training, or education that are not required to be reported:

  • Break in employment that is not permanent (Example: teacher, cafeteria worker, or a bus driver that works for a school district and does not work over summer or holiday breaks)
  • Students who have semester breaks or holiday breaks
  • Employer has a temporary closure but will re-open within 90 calendar days of closure

A failure to report one of the changes above within 14 days of the occurrence may result in fact-finding for suspected fraud. You may also report the following changes:

  • A reduction in income or an increase in family size which may lower your parent share of cost.
  • A change in work, job training, or education program participation that may result in an increase in the level of child care services needed.

NEW Attendance Standards

Parents MUST meet Monthly attendance standards. Monthly attendance standards consist of fewer than:

  • 5 consecutive absences during the month
  • 10 total absences during the month

Failure to meet the monthly attendance standards may:

  • Result in suspension of care, at the agreement of the parent
  • Be grounds for determining that a change in the parent’s participation in work, job training, or an education program has occurred and care may be terminated.
Parents must use the attendance card to report daily attendance and absences. Failure to report attendance on an authorized day will count as an absence. If a child exceeds 65 absences during the most recent 12 month eligibility period, then the child is not eligible for care at the next eligibility determination and shall not be eligible for a minimum of 12 months.

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